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Theme:  Bilingualism, family and friends

Minority Language Families in Diaspora: Catalans in New York City
Eva J. Daussà, RU Groningen

Bilingual Homeschooling: Leaving Aacdemic Languages at School
Kellie Rolstad, University of Maryland and Kara T. McAlister, CIEE

Theme: Translanguaging and code-switching

Translanguaging Teaching: Comparing traditional (bilingual) and super-diverse contexts
Eowyn Crisfield, Crisfield Educational Consulting

iPad app iTEO: a translanguaging and learning space
Claudine Kirsch and Asunción Bes, University of Luxembourg

Theme: Social Use of Languages

Welsh out of School? Factors Influencing School Pupils’ Social Use of Welsh: Some Early Findings
Siôn Aled Owen, Bangor University

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