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Conference Programme

Friday 10th June


Registration and Refreshments


Welcome Address


Keynote Speaker:  Andrew Davies
‘What happens when they leave school?  Understanding students’ attitudes towards post-compulsory study in minoritized languages.’
Aberystwyth University




Student Research Event Paper Presentations – Session 1


Fatima Berot, University of Leicester:   ‘Code-switching in English departments in Kurdistan universities’


Alex Lovell, Academi Hywel Teifi, Prifysgol Abertawe: 
Model newydd ar gyfer Cymraeg ail iaith?  Astudiaeth ar sut orau y gellir cyflwyno’r Gymraeg fel ail iaith yn llwyddiannus i’r rhai yn yr ardaloedd mwyaf Seisnig yng Nghymru’ / ‘A new model for Welsh as a Second Language? A study on how best to introduce Welsh successfully as a second language to those in the most Anglicised areas of Wales. (Simultaneous translation will be available for this session)


Jenifer Ho, UCL Institute of Education:  ‘Translanguaging in online Chinese learning: A methodological approach.’


Student Research Event Poster Presentations


Student Research Event Paper Presentations – Session 2


Grace Kim, University of California, Berkeley:  ‘Codemeshing in an online discussion forum’


Katya Saville, UCL Institute of Education:  ‘Parents as language planners in England’s emerging bilingual ‘free schools’


Jeanette Toth, Stockholm University:  ‘From policy to practice:  A case study of EMI in a Swedish primary school.’


Thomas Somers, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid:  ‘The development of academic language proficiency in the CLIL classroom.’




Ofelia GarcíaBangor Advancing Knowledge in Education Research Lecture

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Ofelia García
City University of New York

Followed by a Dinner with Prof. Colin Baker

Neuadd Reichel, Bangor University

Saturday 11th June

8.30am Registration and Refreshments
9am Welcome Address from Prof. Enlli Thomas
Bangor University

Prof. Jasone CenozKeynote Speaker:  Prof. Jasone Cenoz

University of the Basque Country

10.15am Refreshments

Parallel Paper Session 1


Theme: Bilingualism and Attitudes to Language

Theme: Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

Theme: Active Offer (Simultaneous translation will be available in Welsh-medium presentations)


Mirain Rhys, WISERD:
‘Language use and attitudes in a minority language community: The case of Wales’

Maria Juan-Garau, University of the Balearic Islands:
‘To what extent to productive skills improve under CLIL provision?’

Beryl Cooledge, Bangor University:
‘Testament yn arddangos pwysigrwydd gwireddu y Cynnig Rhagweithiol.’ / ‘A testament to the importance of realizing the Active Offer.’


Nanda Klapwijk, University of South Africa:
‘Postgraduate students’ use of strategies in dealing with L2 prescribed reading material.’

Paper cancelled

Piotr Romanowski, Warsaw University:
‘CLIL-based bilingual education in Poland: English vs other languages used as a medium of instruction.’

Beryl Cooledge, Bangor University:
‘Dysgu am boen heb ddolur.’ / ‘Learning about pain doesn’t have to be painful/’


Stuart Dunmore, University of Edinburgh:
‘An t-Ionnsachadh Óg?  The Gaelic language usage and social profiles of Gaelic-medium educated adults.’

Thomas Somers, Universidad Autonóma de Madrid:
‘Do immigrant minority students succeed in CLIL?  A research overview.’

Gwerfyl Roberts, Ruth Williams, Sharon Pierce, Beryl Cooledge, Prifysgol Bangor:
‘Prif-ffrydio Egwyddor y ‘Cynnig Rhagweithiol’ mewn addysg gofal iechyd.’ / ‘Mainstreaming the principle of the ‘Active Offer’ in healthcare education’


Christa Van der Walt, Stellenbosch University:
‘Assessing insight in a multilingual, academic environment.’

Alex Riermersma, NHL & Stenden Universities of Applied Sciences:
‘Trilingual Education in Friesland.’

Claire Duchesne, University of Ottawa:
‘An educational program that trains university professors in health care and social work to the concept of ‘active offer’ of social and health services to the French-speaking minority in Canada.’




Parallel Paper Session 2

  Theme:  Bilingualism and Pedagogy Theme: Translanguaging and code-switching Theme:  Bilingualism, family and friends


Roberth Sharples, University of Leeds:
‘Histories and trajectories, time and space:  bringing life outside into the (bilingual) classroom.’

Fadila Hadjeris, University of Oum El Bouaghi, Algeria:
‘Investigating the use of English-Arabic codeswitching in EFL classroom oral discourse.’

Laoise Ní Thuairisg, Pádraig Ó Duibhir, National University of Ireland, St Patrick’s College, DCU:
‘Factors influencing parents and pupils in progression from primary to post-primary immersion education.’


Julia Barnes, Arantza Ozaeta, Matilde Sainz, Mondragon Unibertsitatea
‘Teaching mathematics in a Basque-medium pre-primary classroom: interation resources and problem solving techniques.’

Eowyn Crisfield, Crisfield Educational Consulting:
‘Translanguaging teaching: Comparing traditional (bilingual) and super-diverse contexts.’

Eva J. Daussa, University of Groningen:
‘Minority language families in diaspora: Catalans in New York City.’


Gabriela Meier, University of Exeter:
‘The multilingual turn: an irreversible shift in how we understand language, learners and learning.’

Joana Duarte, University of Groningen:
‘A sociocultural approach on the role of translanguaging for learning in subject-matter classrooms.’

Aileen Nic Íomhair, Bunscoil Eoin Baiste:
‘Ról na dTuismitheoirí san Oideachas Lán-Ghaeilge/The role of parents in Irish-medium education.’

3.30pm Karine Turner, University of Ottawa:
‘Teacher’s work in Cardiff: Exploring Welsh-medium education through school ethnography.’
Ruth A. Swanwick, University of Leeds:
‘Translanguaging in deaf education: Multimodal meaning-making among children and adults.’
Kellie Rolstad, Kara T. McAlister, University of Maryland:
‘Bilingual homeschooling:  Leaving academic languages at school.’
4pm Refreshments
4.30pm Roundtable Discussions
Translanguaging in the Bilingual Classroom (Jessica Clapham & Bryn Jones)
5.30pm End



Sunday 12th June




Roundtable Discussion
Diverse approaches to embedding bilingualism in healthcare education: a Wales-Canada perspective (Gwerfyl Roberts, Marie Drolet, Sharon Pierce, Jacinthe Savard, Sara Roberts)
Teaching with and for diversity: What teachers need to know about language and how researchers can (and should!) support them (Urszula Clark, Eowyn Crisfield, Esther Daborn, Sally Zacharias, Lise Fontaine).


Parallel Paper Session 3


Theme: Social Use of Languages (Simultaneous translation will be available in Welsh-medium presentations)

Theme: Translanguaging and code-switching

Theme: Resources for bilingual education


Rhian Hodges, Cynog Prys, Sioned Williams, Prifysgol Bangor:
‘Asesu patrymau ymddygiad a defnydd iaith o fewn cymunedau Cymru: Gwerthusiad strategaeth iaith Llywodraeth Cymru.’ / ‘Assessing behaviour patterns and language use in the Communities of Wales: The Welsh Government’s language strategy evaluation.’

Claudine Kirsch, Asunción Bes, University of Luxembourg:
‘iTEO as a translanguaging and learning space.’

Miriam Lerner, Rochester Institute of Techonlogy/National Technical Institute for the Deaf:
‘We think, therefore we sign: An American sign language philosophy resource.’


Siôn Aled Owen, Prifysgol Bangor:
‘Cymraeg tu hwnt i’r ysgol?  Ffactorau sy’n dylanwadu ar ddefnydd cymdeithasol disgyblion ysgol o’r Gymraeg – rhai canfyddiadau cychwynnol.’ / Welsh beyond school? Factors that influence the social use made by school pupils of the Welsh language - some preliminary findings.’

Emilee Moore, Claudia Vallejo, University of Leeds & Universitat Autonóma de Barcelona:
‘Translanguaging as transformation: linking an out-of school reading program and teacher education.’

Marit Bijlsma, Fryske Akademy, Mercator Research Centre on Multilingualism and Language Learning:
‘Open education in minority languages.’




Parallel Paper Session 4


Theme:  Consequences of Bilingual Education

Theme: Translanguaging and code-switching

Theme:  Bilingualism, family and friends & CLIL


Tamas Petervary, University of the Highlands and Islands:
‘Demographic density and education through the medium of minority language.’

Patricia Velasco, City University of New York:
‘Learning to read in two languages: Translanguaging strategies in kindergarten using lexical homographs and false cognates.’

Siân Lloyd-Williams, Enlli Môn Thomas, Aberystwyth University, Bangor University:
‘Acquisition of complex forms in a minority language: The importance of peers.’


Hanna Binks, Bangor University:
‘Input factors affecting ‘bilingual catch-up’ in minority language contexts: Evidence from teenagers’ acquisition of grammatical structures in Welsh.

Jessica Clapham, Bangor University:
‘Code-switching, pedagogy and transformation: Teachers’ perceptions of the dynamics of code-switching and bilingual identity.’

Concha Julián, Spanish Embassy Education Office and University of Huelva:
‘Teacher Teamwork in CLIL:  A Case Study.’




Parallel Paper Session 5


Theme:  Bilingualism and streaming for education

Theme:  English as an Additional Language

Theme:  Consequences of Bilingual Education


Thomas Somers, María Fernández, Elisa Hidalgo, Ana Llinares, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid:
‘Streaming into low-and high-immersion tracks in bilingual secondary schools in Madrid: students’ perspectives.’

Haya Alomeri, Eirini Sanoudaki, Marco Tamburelli, George Kotzoglou, Bangor University & University of the Aegean:
‘Diglossia and EFL: The case of Arabic prepositions.’

Athanasia Papastergiou, Bangor University:
‘Does the educational programme matter?  A study on the executive functioning of Greek-English bilingual children.’


Sara Louise Wheeler, Julianne Law, Bangor University/Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol/WISERD:
‘Developing parallel provision in a minority language with equal status: Welsh medium provision as a case study.

Elizabeth J. Pretorius, Nic Spaul, University of South Africa:
‘Exploring the relationship between oral reading fluency and comprehension of EAL learners: Why is this important in a bilingual education system?’

Michelle Aldridge, Lise Fontaine, Cardiff University:
‘Copy typing in English and Welsh.  The impact of spelling transparency on typing fluency.’


Anne-Marie Smith, Nia Young, Bangor University:
‘Different languages, different education: Pedagogical reflections on teaching and learning in a bilingual environment.’

Hosam Darwish, University of Bedfordshire:
‘Writer-reader communication: Interactional metadiscourse in MA theses in English L1 & L2.’

Christina Schelletter, The University of Hertfordshire:
‘Does bilingual education affect L1 development?’


Closing Address



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